Psalm 96:1-9

Psalm Paraphrase

When we read the Psalms, those 150 Old Testament songs, we sometimes ask our pastor; “What in the world does that mean?”

So, taking our curious minds seriously, our pastor decided to start putting those old writings into a format that might make more sense in today’s world.

Pastor is quick to point out that his paraphrase is not a scholarly translation.

He is just using his own interpretation in an attempt to make the Psalms a little more user-friendly.

Read some, let us know what you think.

Note: These Psalms follow the Revised Common Lectionary, which follows a prescribed three-year cycle of readings; they are not a numerical order.

October 18, 2023
Psalm 96:1-9

10/22/23 Psalm 96:1-9 Paraphrased by Pastor William   Sing to God like you’ve never sung before!         Everyone and everything sing out! God’s creation is amazing and wonderful! God loves all people with overflowing crazy affection. People have many gods and idols, but they cannot do what God has done. Our God made everything…         […]

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October 11, 2023
Psalm 23

10/15/23 Psalm 23 Paraphrased by Pastor William   Oh Lord, you are my protecting shepherd.         You provide my every need. You bed me down in the greenest of meadows.         You bring me to the cool refreshing brook. You allow me to pause,         and then send me forward in the right direction. Even […]

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October 4, 2023
Psalm 80:7-15

10/08/23 Psalm 80:7-15 Paraphrased by Pastor William   God of the angels;         your smile delights us.   You brought the vine from captivity;         you re-planted it in safety. You cleared the ground of weeds;         it grew abundantly under your care. It grew so high it shaded your mountains,         It reached up […]

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September 27, 2023
Psalm 25:1-9

10/01/23 Psalm 25:1-9 Paraphrased by Pastor William   My heart and soul belong to you, O God. I rely upon you;         for your support;         for your guidance;         stand behind me and hold me up. People mock me because I am devoted to you;         but, it is them who should be ashamed. […]

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September 20, 2023
Psalm 145:1-8

09/24/23 Psalm 145:1-8 Paraphrased by Pastor William   Today, I will speak well of you, God,         telling everyone of your greatness. Every day, will I honor you, God,         proclaiming your boundless peace. For you are full of grace and love,         providing abundantly and without end. This generation shall tell its children of […]

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September 13, 2023
Psalm 103:8-13

09/17/23 Psalm 103:8-13 Paraphrased by Pastor William   God is compassionate and kindhearted,         endlessly patient and overflowing with love. God chooses to not remember our bad behavior,         nor holds a grudge against us. God gives us not what we deserve,         nor seeks revenge. As a loving parent feels toward their child,         […]

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September 6, 2023
Psalm 119:33-40

09/10/23 Psalm 119:33-40 Paraphrased by Pastor William   O God, teach me the right way to live,         and I will do my best to follow it. Give me wisdom to understand your ways,         and I will follow with my whole heart. Direct me to compassion and forgiveness,         and I will use it […]

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August 30, 2023
Psalm 26:1-8

09/03/23 Psalm 26:1-8 Paraphrased by Pastor William   Deliver me, O Lord,         I have been faithful to you, without wavering. Test me, and see;         test my heart and mind. I always look to you,         always walk in your ways.   I do not align with the ungodly,         or with those who […]

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August 23, 2023
Psalm 138

08/27/23 Psalm 138 Paraphrased by Pastor William   From the depths of my heart; thank you, God. You are the most important thing to me;         I put you first in my life. Your love means so much to me;         it nourishes and sustains me.   May all the rulers and leaders follow you; […]

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August 21, 2023
Psalm 67

08/20/23 Psalm 67 Paraphrased by Pastor William   God bless all the nations of the world,         and make your face shine on us all, so that all nations will know your way,         and treat each other with love. Let all the people know you, O God;         then all the people will praise […]

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