Kitchen Renovation

Zion is currently in the middle of renovating our kitchen area. We will be posting updates regularly on this page to keep our congregation up to date on the progress of the construction! The pictures below are what the kitchen looked like originally, followed by pictures of the current progress.

8/15 & 17/2022

The first step in the Kitchen construction was the demolition phase. A group from our church volunteered to remove the exhisting cabinets and countertops.


Next was electrical work, where the ceiling lights were taken out and temporarily replaced with construction string lights.


Following the electrical work, we had some of the plumbing work done.

9/7 - 14/2022

The new cabinets were put in along with a new drop ceiling and lights.


We recieved the necessary permits from the city and have started construction on the new walk in freezer.

10/3 - 7/2022

This week we had the new countertops installed and had the hole in the floor from the plumbing work filled.

10/10 - 14/2022

More progress was made on the walk in freezer. The doorway was cut all the way through the cinderblock.

10/17 - 21/2022

This week the new vinyl flooring was installed, along with the new ceiling tiles for the drop ceiling. We also installed the new stove and sink.

10/24 - 28/2022

This week more assembly was done on the walk in freezer

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