What To Expect

There is a place for you here. Come as you are...leave knowing you are loved and valued!


Our goal is that you to feel comfortable coming here - whether it is your first time in a church, or you are a seasoned participant.  Here are some frequently asked questions with answers we hope will help you.

What Should I Wear?

Dress takes many forms from formal to casual. Please wear what makes you comfortable, and as our Pastor says: "Just be sure to wear clothes!"

What Door Do I Go In?

The canopied door on the west side, entering from Portage St., offers ground-level entry and offers plenty of parking. The canopied entryway on the Lindy Lane Ave. side has stairs and a ramp, and is closest to the worship space, it offers limited parking. There are handicap parking spaces at all entrances.

Will I Have to Stand Up And Be Recognized As Being New Here?

We strive to make you feel comfortable and glad you are here.  Therefore, we will never ask you to do something uncomfortable like standing up to be recognized.

Are Children Welcome in Worship?

We believe that children bring life to our services - noises and all. We are thankful that parents bring their children to worship, and we believe that it is important to teach children the practice of worship.
All Children are encouraged to come forward for a children's sermon and a blessing during communion.

Is Childcare Available?

A staffed child care room is available during the Sunday 9:00AM service, and is located at the end of the hallway to the left of the worship space.

How Can I Follow Along?

An usher will provide a bulletin prior to entering the worship space. The bulletin includes a detailed outline of the service and Newspage that features upcoming events.

How Do You Celebrate Communion?

We practice an open table; those who commune at other Christian churches are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

  • We use individual cups; offering both wine and grape juice (the light colored cup)
  • Gluten-free wafers are available; just let Pastor know when you come forward, they are readily available.
  • We gladly bring communion to you in your seat if that is easier for your mobility.  

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