Pastor's Ponderings November 2021

November always brings a plethora of emotions and that got me to pondering:



This is the church season of waiting…waiting and preparing for the birth of the one whom God sent to obliterate our wrong behavior and reconnect us with the God who loves us unconditionally. At Wednesday evening and Sunday morning worship services we’ll focus on four aspects of the impending birth and sing Christmas hymns. Sunday evening worship services will focus on Gifts of Advent as we read scripture and sing familiar Advent hymns – to be proceeded by a meal (come be fed in two ways; communally and spiritually.) I ponder how we might be changed if we enthusiastically participate, and invite our friends, neighbors, and enemies!



Christians are called to not be conformed to this world’s ways, but to be transformed by the renewing of our minds, for the sole purpose of discerning God’s will (Romans 12:2.) How will you renew your faith this November?

I look forward to hearing what you’ve been pondering.

Graciously, Pr. William

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