Stewardship Soundings Part 11

Stewardship Soundings – Live in God’s Relationship

Focus scripture: Luke 11:1-11, in which Jesus teaches his disciples (students, including us) how to pray and to persevere in prayer.

In this Lord’s Prayer, Jesus says to pray “Your kingdom come.” Jesus isn’t telling us to get ready to enter God’s kingdom at death, he is saying to pray that God’s kingdom happens here and now; in this place and at this time.

This isn’t the rapture that we hear some others speaking about. No, this kingdom come thing is something much deeper, much harder to imagine, much more in our hands to bring about. You see, the kingdom happens whenever and wherever God’s will is done (see the same prayer expressed in Matthew 6:9-14, specifically verse 10.)

So, God wants to be present with us – always and now. God isn’t waiting for us to die so we can be together. We can have God’s presence with us now. We get that presence when we are in relationship with God. Much like earthly parents desire a relationship with their children, so too, God desires a relationship with us. Much like earthly parents who have benevolent desires for their children, so too, God’s desires are for our good. Much like earthly parents who are better able to relate with us when we acknowledge their good direction upon our life, so too, God is better able to relate to us when we acknowledge God’s leadership.

Jesus continues by telling us to ask, and it will be given us, so that we may have everything we need to do God’s will and make God’s kingdom come. It is God’s good pleasure to provide for us that which we need to do God’s will in our lives. Remember after all, Jesus said; Just as you saw a stranger hungry, or thirsty, or naked, or imprisoned and did something, you did it to me (Matthew 25:31-46.)

That’s kingdom come, that’s the work for which God is waiting to provide us all we need. That’s how we build relationship with Jesus – by welcoming and serving him.

Now, go help bring in the kingdom of God – here – now – for everyone!

There is much that remains to be done. That is stewardship.

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