Stewardship Soundings Part 6

Stewardship Soundings – Churches might not deserve our money!


Giving is about doing God’s work, serving God’s mission. If your congregation isn’t serving the widow and orphan, the hungry and poor, the oppressed, or the foreigner then it might be time for change!


We often receive solicitations by charitable organizations seeking yearend donations. Watchdog groups caution us to look at the financial analysis of these organizations to determine if they deserve a donation. They measure deserving organizations as those who spend at least 75% on their mission’s programs. That means they would spend less than 25% on overhead (staff wages, utilities, building use, etc.) Why should congregations in America be any different?

The absolute worst reason to give of your time or resources to a church is so it can pay its bills.

The purpose of churches is to participate in God’s mission, which is done…

  • …by congregations whose buildings are used more than just an hour on Sunday; They’re used by community groups, service agencies, and mission groups five to six days a week.
  • …when people in need feel comfortable coming in the door for help, direction, and comfort.
  • …for the benefit of non-members.

Take a look at your congregation’s budget:

  • Does it spend no more than 25% on staff (including pastor’s administrative duties), utilities, building maintenance, etc?
  • Does it spend at least 75% on its mission programs?

If your congregation doesn’t measure up to other charitable organizations, perhaps it is time for you to help give better direction to your congregation. Be part of the solution and service others. That is stewardship.

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