Stewardship Soundings Part 9

Stewardship Soundings – Know how much God loves you

Focus scripture: Luke 15:11-32 Christ’s parable of the Prodigal Father (some erroneously say, Prodigal Son)

Ooh, did that get your attention? To see who was the true prodigal, let us first define “prodigal”. It means; reckless, uncontrolled, extravagant.

Is it the younger son who claims his father dead (asking for his share of the estate) and goes on a spending spree, that is reckless, uncontrolled and extravagant? Nope, not him.

Is it the elder son who wishes his brother dead (he wants his brother to be excommunicated from the family) that is reckless, extravagant and uncontrolled? Nope, not him.

No, it is the father who is the prodigal! The father who…

  • …recklessly gave away half of his wealth while he was still alive and in need of it!
  • …uncontrollably lost his dignity by running toward the son who betrayed him!
  • …extravagantly robed his despicable son in the family ornaments!


Yes, it is the father who recklessly, uncontrollably and extravagantly loves both sons. You see, this parable isn’t about which son is the better son, or about which son we should emulate – frankly, neither of them were very worthy of the loving father that bore them.

No, this parable is about how much God loves you. About how God is reckless, uncontrolled and extravagant in loving you. Recognizing that reckless, uncontrolled, extravagant loving God is stewardship.

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