Stewardship a Way of Life - Part 1

A reminder from our Introduction article:

Stewardship is NOT about money.

Yes, you read correctly.

Can you stand some more challenging news? Stewardship is not about how much you should give to church. Nor is it not about how desperately others need what you have.

So, enough about what stewardship is not.

Stewardship is about managing something that belongs to someone else.

Consider the age old custom of the public library. One goes to this community resource and borrows a book, promising to care for it and return it in good order after a set period of time. Key concepts:

  • One takes control of something that belongs to someone else.
  • One promises to care for it properly.
  • One promises to return it to the owner at the owner’s discretion

In part two, we will take a look at how this concept is applied to stewardship as a way of life.

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