Stewardship a Way of Life - Part 2

In Part One, we considered the concept that stewardship is about managing something that belongs to someone else. We breifly looked at the concept of borrowing a library book. Now let us consider more specifics about how this relates to stewardship.

Just as the library book belongs to someone else (the cummunity at large), stewardship recognizes that:

  • The air one breathes was created by and belongs to someone else.
  • The food one eats was created by and bleongs to someone else.
  • The land upon which one resides was created by and belongs to somehone else.
  • The natuarl resourseces one uses were created by and bleong to someone else.
  • The abilities and talents we have were created by and bleong to comeone else.
  • Our bodies were created by and belong to someone else.

To whom does all this belong? Quite simply; the creator of all things – God.

Recognizing the simple truth that everything belongs to God can have a profound impact upon the way one acts and interacts in the world. It can be a life altering, life enhancing, and life refreshing way to view everthing.

In Part Three we will take a look at why God trusts us to care for what God created.

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