John 9:1-41


Fourth Sunday in Lent (John 9:1-41)

Gospel Message from Pastor William


Jesus gives a blind man sight.

Oh, that’s good. No; Jesus worked on the Sabbath.

Oh, that’s bad. No; the Sabbath is for connecting to God, and the man connected with Jesus.

Oh, that’s good. No; the man was a sinner, so he didn’t deserve healing without repentance.

Oh, that’s bad. No; Jesus came to forgive all sins (Mark 3:28).

Oh, that’s good. No; the man was kicked out of church because of it.

Oh, that’s bad. No; Jesus could then find the man and welcome him into God’s kingdom.

Oh, that’s good. Yes!; that’s what Jesus came to do, and what he calls us to do too.

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