Psalm 1

6th Sunday after Epiphany

Psalm 1 paraphrase by Pastor William



It is so cool;

            you don’t listen to deceivers,

            you don’t lust after riches,

            you don’t think only of yourself.

Nope, you know right from wrong;

            you follow God’s orders,

            you give to the poor,

            you serve others.

You are like a strong oak tree;

            planted in a grassy meadow,

            fed by God’s rain,

            stretching out your branches.

But those selfish and greedy people;

            they get blown around,

            like a kite cut from its string.

God welcomes you into his home,

            God lingers in your presence.

Not so those mischievous scoundrels,

            they have no home,

            no lasting presence.

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