Psalm 103:1-8


11th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 103:1-8, paraphrased by Pastor William


I will bless the Lord with all my being;

            bless God’s holy name.

I will bless the Lord with all my being;

            remembering all of God’s goodness:

God forgives our wrongdoings;

            all of us.

God mends our sicknesses;

            all of us.

God releases us from captivity;

            all of us.

God’s love is persistent;

            for all of us.

God gives us all we need;

            all of us.


God is with us in all our troubles;

            freeing the oppressed.

Moses got to see God in action;

            bringing a people out of bondage.

The Lord has abundant grace and mercy;

            God is patient, kind and loving.


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