Psalm 111


18th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 111, paraphrased by Pastor William


God you are the greatest!

            My heart is full of praise for you.

Everyone who pays attention,

            see’s the wonders of God.

God does great stuff,

            God is righteous.

God’s character is infamous;

            full of grace and mercy.

God remembers God’s promise;

            to care for the hungry and poor.

God claims us as God’s own people;

            we have a place in God’s kingdom.

God does great things through us;

            God’s laws show us how to live.

They never go away or lose their worth;

            we follow them with joy.

They are a way for us to improve our life,

            and the lives of others.

God is awesome!

Respect God, it shows your wisdom;

            it is a good way of life.

            God you are the greatest!

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