Psalm 112


Epiphany 5

Psalm 112, paraphrased by Pastor William


Praise God!

        Take delight, you who respect God.

Your offspring will benefit;

        they will be a blessing to others.

Your house will be a place of refuge;

        peace and love will abound there.

God’s light shines through your actions;

        you are kind, forgiving and fair.

You are generous toward others;

        always lifting up the downtrodden.

God’s way is in your heart and soul;

        nothing can lead you astray.

You are not afraid of what others might do;

        for you know God is with you.

You trust and rely on God’s way;

        evil will not have victory over you.

You give enthusiastically and generously;

        those in need give thanks for you.

The greedy and selfish see you in action,

        and become angry;

they want you to be selfish like them,

but they are fools.

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