Psalm 2


Transfiguration of Our Lord

Psalm 2, paraphrased by Pastor William


Why do world leaders scheme,

        and collude in selfish ways.

They think they are in charge,

        they ignore and disregard God.


But God laughs at their folly,

        God holds them in contempt.

At some point, God will have enough;

God will send a righteous king.


God will say of this king:

        You are my righteous one,

ask me for anything, it is yours,

you will lead my people rightly,

you will break the rule of oppressors,

        you will crumble the selfish.


Now, rulers of the lands, listen!

        You are warned!

Serve God only,

        or you will perish.

Happy are those,

whose protector is God.

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