Psalm 146


16th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 146, paraphrased by Pastor William


God you are the greatest!

            You rock my world!

I will praise you as long as I live;

            all my life I’ll sing of your glory.


Government leaders aren’t in charge,

            they are mere humans.

When they take their last breath,

            their plans die with them.


But those who trust God have joy,

            their confidence is well placed.

God made heaven and earth,

            the land and sea,

and all living creatures.

            God is the one who gives life;

who provides justice for the oppressed,

            who provides food for the hungry.


God frees those in bondage;

            opens the eyes of the blind.

God elevates the downtrodden;

            loves the unloved.

God watches over the strangers;

            protects the orphans and widows.


God is king of the world,

            our king, forever and ever!

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