Psalm 16


2nd Sunday of Easter

Psalm 16 paraphrased by Pastor William


I come to you, God, for protection;

        I cling to you in time of trouble;

        without you, I am a lost cause.

Those who follow you are trustworthy;

        they are a comfort to me.

Those who follow other gods are corrupt;

        they cause me trouble and despair.

My first choice is you;

        for you have already chosen me!

I boast about your love and guidance;

        you comfort me in my fears.

You are always on my mind;

        in my waking thoughts and dreams.

My heart is joyous, my soul rejoices,

        my body rests in your shelter.

You rescued me from the gates of hell;

you protect me from the power of evil.

You have me walking on your path;

        your light is leading my way;

        your hand is guiding me.

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