Psalm 19

Psalm 19 paraphrase by Pastor William



Look up! See the sky and stars;

            they declare God’s magnificence.

All day and all night;

            they call out the truth.

God made the sun;

            it shines light into darkness,

            nothing can hide from its heat.

God made laws that bring life;

            they benefit all creation,

            they help us live in community.

All of it is the best thing going;

            better than glimmering gold;

            better than sweet honey.

But wait, there’s more!

            Keep alert! Pay attention!

God chooses to not remember,

            the things we do wrong.

Our wrongs are not held against us;

            we are freed to live.

Freed to enjoy God’s creation;

            freed to care for it too.

Let these words remain in my mouth;

            let them be in my heart;

            you, God, are my rock!

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