Psalm 22:19-28


2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 22:19-28, paraphrased by Pastor William


Hey God, don’t delay,

          come quickly, I need your help.

They’re trying to cut my throat;

          those mongrels are overpowering.

You better show up soon;

          I’m about to be eaten alive!


You rescued me – Hallelujah!

          I’ll tell everyone who will listen.

Let’s give glory where it is due;

          God saved me and saves you!

God never looked the other way;

          God always was with me.

God was not hiding from me;

          God was there all along.


Here I am, gathered with fellow disciples;

          worshipping and praising you, God.

I promise to do your work in this world;

          I’ll follow through when I leave here.

The hungry will be fed, the poor lifted up;

          I’ll do my part to make it happen.

The world shall see you in our actions;

          they’ll come running, thanking you.

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