Psalm 27


2nd Sunday in Lent

Psalm 27 paraphrase by Pastor William


Truth, love and peace;

            That’s my God!

Strength, courage and willpower;

                That’s what God gives!

People can be selfish and hurtful;

                some seek me harm.

But, God is for me;

                who can stand against me?

There is only one thing I want;

                to live with God at my side.

To be in God’s beautiful home;

                to be safe in God’s arms.

When times are tough;

                God reassures me.

When I am afraid;

                God comforts me.

I will lift my voice;

                sing my loudest;

tell of God’s good love;

                trust with my whole heart.

Teach me and guide me, Lord;

                fill me with your truth.

Let my enemies see it is in vain;

                to work against you.

I believe in your goodness, Lord;

                you are my rock!

Help me be strong;

                help me encourage others.


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