Psalm 30


3rd Sunday of Easter

Psalm 30 paraphrase by Pastor William


You did it again, God;

          you got me out of trouble.

I cried out to you to help me;

          and you answered me.

I was sick and worried;

          and you comforted me.

Do you hear me people?

          Give thanks to God!

God gets frustrated with us,

          but God’s love endures.

We may cry ourselves to sleep,

          but the morning brings joy.

When my life was going well,

          nothing could get in my way.

I was on top of the world,

I thought is was my own doing.

But, it was God who made me strong,

          without God, I fell apart.

So, I cried out to you, O God;

          I begged for your help.

What good is it if I die?

          Will my dust praise you?

Hear my pleas, help me, O God;

          have mercy on me.

You did it again! Instead of dread,

          I have hope and peace.

I will be silent no longer;

          I will sing of your goodness.

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