Psalm 32


4th Sunday in Lent

Psalm 32 paraphrase by Pastor William


To be forgiven is happiness,

            there is joy in reconciliation.

O Lord you know my faults,

            but choose to not remember them.

When I do wrong,

            I lay in my bed ruminating.

It brings me no peace,

            nor resolution.

But when I admit my wrongs to you,

            I open myself to your love.

I say; “I am shamed by my actions.”

            But, you say “I love you anyway.”

So, I will always be open with you,

            I will always seek you;

even in times of despair and worry,

            I will always seek you.

In you I can take refuge,

            you embrace me with love.

You teach me the right way to live,

            you keep an eye on me always.

You warn me not to be stubborn,

            to not fight against your ways.

To fight against you is crazy,

            but the wise listen to you.

Take joy in knowing the Lord,

            shout for joy you who listen.


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