Psalm 33:12-22


9th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 33:12-22, paraphrased by Pastor William


Content is the nation who chooses God,

            grateful are God’s children.

God sees the whole world;

            God sees all humankind.

From God’s throne

            all humanity can be seen.

God formed every human from dust;

            the dust God created.

Presidents, Chancellors and Prime Ministers

            aren’t saved by great armies alone.

Battleships and tanks are not the answer,

            brute strength will not suffice.

For God protects those who acknowledge

            God’s way and love for all.

God is concerned with justice and honesty,

            all humans are to be loved.

We don’t put our trust in earthly ways,

            we put our trust in God’s way.

Our hearts are full of joy,

            because we trust God above all else.

God’s love is steadfast and certain;

            That’s what we trust!


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