Psalm 40:1-11


Epiphany 2

Psalm 40:1-11, paraphrased by Pastor William


I cried out and cried out to God;

        and God heard me.

God pulled me out the pit of despair,

        out of the quicksand of misery,

God gave me solid ground to stand on,

        gave me safety and security.

I had a new song to sing,

        thanking and praising God.

May you all see and hear,

        and trust in God.

You’ll be happy,

        if you put your trust in God,

if you stop trusting in your own ways,

        if you stop listening to false gods.

God keeps giving and giving,

        loving and loving.

God doesn’t need our money or stuff,

        for God made it all anyway.

God wants us to listen;

        God wants our devotion.

I cried a new tune;

        here I am God, ready to listen.

I want to do your will;

        it’s written in my heart.

I tell everyone who will listen;

        you are the greatest, O God.

Everyone knows the bad shape I was in;

        they also know you rescued me.

Everyone has heard me say it;

        you are the greatest, O God.

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