Psalm 50:7-15


2nd Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 50:7-15 paraphrased by Pastor William


Listen up people;

hear what God has to say:

“I am your God;

        you have ignored me too long!

You buy yourself groceries,

        but bring nothing to food pantries.

You give a little bit to the church,

        but you forget the rest is mine too.

I won’t take it much longer;

        you need to change your ways.

I know every animal by name,

        and every movement in the fields.

I don’t need your money or food,

        I need you to use it for my work.

Give to my work first,

        not a pittance of leftovers.

Give out of thankfulness,

        for all I have done for you.

And when you’re in trouble, call on me

        I’ll continue to bless you;

and you can give thanks.”




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