Psalm 66:1-9


4th Sunday after Pentecost

Psalm 66:1-9, paraphrased by Pastor William


Everyone together now;

          make a joyful noise praising God.

Tell God, “You are the greatest!”

          Even your enemies are afraid.

The whole earth and all creatures,

          admire and are impressed.

All of you come and see,

          the awesomeness of God.

God turned the sea into dry land,

          God’s people walked to safety.

God kept them safe and dry,

          God guided and instructed them.

Now let us see how God cares for us.

          Let us not think it is our doing.

Celebrate what God does,

          tell everyone you know!

God walks with us,

          guiding and instructing us.

Let all with ears hear,

          Let all with hearts believe.

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