Psalm 66:8-20


6th Sunday of Easter

Psalm 66:8-20 paraphrased by Pastor William


Come on people, praise God,

        say it loud enough to be heard;

        Praise God!

God keeps us alive and well,

        we walk on solid ground.

God, you purify us;

        just like silver is purified.

You brought us into your realm;

        you turned up the heat;

bullies challenged us;

        fires and storms surrounded us;

but you brought us safely through it.


So, I come to you with my whole heart;

        I return a portion to your work,

        of what you first gave me;

I sing your praise every day

        my mouth is full of your wonders.

I give you the best of what I have;

        I support your work first,

        then I spend the rest on my wants.


Let all with ears hear,

        as I tell you what God did for me.

God did not ignore me;

        God heard my prayers,

my cries, my fears,

my frustrations.

God was with me every step of the way;

        propping me up and loving me.


God, you stayed with me through my toughest times;

Wow! You really do love me!

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