Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35


7th Sunday of Easter

Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35 paraphrased by Pastor William


God is the greatest!

        You who don’t believe, beware;

Like smoke that disappears;

        like wax that melts away;

        so too, you’re gone.

But those who know God, rejoice;

        Whoop it up;

laugh and sing.


Yes, sing to your God, belt it out;

        send it higher than the clouds.


The parent of orphans,

        the companion of the widowed.

God dwells with the lowly;

        leads them to abundance.


You, O God, led the Israelites in the desert;

        by a cloud at day,

        by a fire at night;

the earth quaked, water sprang from a rock,

        food came from heaven.

You protected and guided them,

        you taught them and loved them.


Sing it out you people:

        God is the greatest!

Listen for God’s voice;

        from ancient of times,

        and still today;

Hear God’s mighty voice;

        The voice of wisdom,

        of compassion

of peace and love.

God reigns on high;

        let God reign in our hearts.

God, you are the greatest!

        The greatest, indeed!




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