Psalm 80:7-15


Psalm 80:7-15

Paraphrased by Pastor William


God of the angels;

        your smile delights us.


You brought the vine from captivity;

        you re-planted it in safety.

You cleared the ground of weeds;

        it grew abundantly under your care.

It grew so high it shaded your mountains,

        It reached up to the tallest trees;

it grew so wide it touched the seas,

        it took root in the mighty rivers.

Why then do you no longer protect it?

        Everyone eats of its fruits;

the animals trample and ruin it;

        everything takes advantage of it.


Remember us, your vine, O great Creator;

        pour your life-giving attention on us,

restore us, O God of love;

        renew our life with your grace.

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