Psalm 95


Third Sunday in Lent

Psalm 95, paraphrased by Pastor William


Listen up! It is time to tune into the Lord;

        Let us make a joyful noise!

Let us double time march as we gather;

        raising the roof with our songs.

Why? Because the Lord is our King;

        the best there ever was!

God has the whole world in God’s hands;

        made it, owns it, loves it.

Drop everything, change your plans;

        for it’s time to do something different.


God is in control, not us;

it’s time we take God seriously.

For God is our King;

        we are the King’s children;

        the apple of God’s eye.


Let today be the day you hear God:

        Release your independence!

        Stop your complaining!

Don’t be like your desert ancestors;

they tested my patience;

they wanted things their way.

They couldn’t keep their mind on my way.

        Finally, I had enough!

They will not get what they want,

        they will not get the easy life they seek.

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