Psalm 97


7th Sunday of Easter

Psalm 97, paraphrased by Pastor William


God is in charge, let us celebrate;

          let the whole earth rejoice!

Clouds encircle God’s throne;

          decency and justice are its foundation.

Fire radiates from God,

          overwhelming God’s opponents.

God’s lightning brightens the dark skies,

          the whole earth shakes.

Mountains see it and soften;

          they melt like candle wax.

The heavens shout of God’s forgiveness,

          and everyone will see it happen!

Those who make their own gods

          will see their foolishness.

God’s disciples follow the way,

          and be glad and rejoice.

For you, O Lord, are in charge;

          you are above all gods.

So, speak up against false gods,

          God will guard and support you.

God’s presence is real,

          feel the warmth of God’s Light.

So, you believers, rejoice and be glad;

          for your God’s in charge!

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