Stewardship Moment - 10th Sunday after Pentecost



10th Sunday after Pentecost – Luke 12:49-56

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus calls the gathered crowd, hypocrites! They think that following Jesus is about he can make their life better. They fail to see that following Jesus means making other peoples’ lives better. It is about sharing God’s love, joy and peace with everyone we encounter.


Stewardship in our community

People have bad days. They wake up fine, but turn on the news and start to slump into despair. They get on the road and encounter distracted drivers and then feel personally affronted. They get to work and something adds complexity to their planned day and they act out in frustration. What if, instead of acting out of annoyance we acted out of abundance? Our attitude re-direction can have a cascading affect on those around us.


Stewardship in practice

As Jesus points out, peace does not rain down, it is something spread across from person to person by people who open their lives to the life-giving peace of Christ. This week, try to live out that peace. Listen to life-giving radio and TV. Offer space for people to get ahead of you on the road. Put a smile on your face before answering the phone. Don’t be a Christian hypocrite! Be a Christ disciple.

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