Stewardship Moment - 12th Sunday after Pentecost



Matthew 15:21-28

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus fed the crowds of followers, healed the people of Gennesaret, and taught the crowd that what is in their heart is that which brings goodness or evil. But when a foreign woman longs for some of Jesus’ compassion the disciples’ response is to send her away. However, Jesus’ compassion is not just for the chosen, but for all those whose confidence is in Jesus.


Stewardship in our community

To what does our community demonstrate confidence of receiving compassion and care? Generally, it is not God, but self or those in power. No wonder there is so much strife. The compassion and care of Jesus is for everyone; there is plenty to go around.


Stewardship in practice

To whom can you show Jesus’ compassion and care this week? Consider that perhaps it might be to someone like the Canaanite woman – someone who is looked down upon by society. What is in your heart? To whom will you go?

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