Stewardship Moment - 13th Sunday after Pentecost



13th Sunday after Pentecost – Luke 14:25-33

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus teaches that the cost of being his disciple is to release control over everything we have. God does not give us things, instead God entrusts things to our care. When we control or take ownership of things, or people, we reject God as creator and owner. Jesus says to let go and follow him; and to do so is costly, but rewarding.


Stewardship in our community

Our community language is one of ownership; my house, my care, my food, my family, my job… But Jesus says we cannot own things and be his follower. And he is right! When our focus is on what is ours, we become stingy and selfish; afraid to let go. That hinders God’s work.


Stewardship in practice

Change your language of ownership. The house you live in belongs to God, who is entrusting it to you to care for as God intended. The plants and trees on the land belong to God and are to be cared for as God intended. The money in the account under your name belongs to God and is to be used as God intended. Jesus says if you don’t do this, you cannot be his disciple. Which is more important to you?

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