Stewardship Moment - 15th Sunday after Pentecost



Matthew 18:15-20

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus teaches about forgiveness; that whomever we forgive will always be forgiven. Jesus is talking about what he does for us; always forgives us and renews our relationship with him, our creator, and the Holy Spirit.


Stewardship in our community

Jesus shows us what we get through forgiveness; right relationships. He also teaches that we are to act in the same way. How do we solve all the world’s problems? It is easy; act as Christians., That is, be forgivers of others. Imagine what our community might look like with unmerited, unending forgiveness flowing forth from us toward all others!


Stewardship in practice

It might seem difficult to forgive others. That is, until we recognize how often Jesus does it to us. Now, get out there and forgive. Forgive that aggressive driver. Forgive the person slowing up the checkout line. Forgive the person who selfishly flicks their cigarette out the car window. Forgive the person who said something you didn’t like. Forgive the politician from the other side. There’s no end to the good we can do.

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