Stewardship Moment - 2nd Sunday of Advent

2nd Sunday of Advent – Luke 1:39-56
Stewardship Moment from Pastor William

Stewardship in the Gospel

In today’s Gospel, Mary proclaims the Magnigicat (Latin meaning; magnify). She is bursting with good news about the wonderful, generous, abundant and restoring God who favors the lowly, marginalized and unseen people of society.


Stewardship in our community

Newscasts tend towards sensationalism, fear and scarcity. But, if we look past all that there is so much of God’s goodness for us to experience. People doing good things to each other. Sufficient supplies of goods and services. Good things happening to good people (and bad people).


Stewardship in practice

Whenever you find yourself repeating a negative news item or something said by others, stop yourself mid-sentence. Then immediately find something good to magnify. Like Mary, in the midst of uncertainty and fear, find a way to give thanks to the wonderful God who loves you enough to come to be with you.

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