Stewardship Moment - 3rd Sunday after Epiphany



3rd Sunday after Epiphany – Matthew 4:12-23

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus calls on the people to “Repent for the kingdom of heaven has come near.” (v17) Jesus brought near, God’s way of goodness for all. Jesus brought near, God’s way of loving unconditionally. Jesus brought near, God’s way of giving abundantly.

Stewardship in our community

The earthly kingdom is about self-good, self-love, and self-abundance. But Jesus turns that on its head to show God’s way of doing things is to benefit others. We are so much better off when the greater good is the goal.

Stewardship in practice

Consider how you can help Jesus bring about the kingdom of heaven. When you grocery shop, can you buy a little extra and share it with a food pantry? When driving, can you leave extra space in front of you so others can easily get in front of you without performing some crazy maneuver? When speaking to store personnel, can you use language that shows you care about them?

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