Stewardship Moment - 6th Sunday after Epiphany



6th Sunday after Epiphany – Matthew 5:21-37

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Some declare this week’s teachings of Jesus to be about adultery and divorce, but in reality, he is teaching about proper marital love and honor. Jesus teaches that being part of God’s kingdom means loving others in ways very different from what the world teaches.

Stewardship in our community

We are to love our spouses and honor them in all we do and say. When our spouses love us and honor us in all they do and say, we have healthy marriages. When we make God part of our marital bond, we have unbreakable marriages. That is God’s desire.

Stewardship in practice

Marriage commitments are made by two people at a wedding; but, all the people in attendance promise to help the couple in their marital vows. This week, help friends of yours who are married say and do things that honor their spouse. Help them see the love that brought them together. Help them recommit to loving and honoring their spouse. Married yourself? Follow this advice with your spouse too.

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