Stewardship Moment - 7th Sunday of Easter



7th Sunday of Easter – John 14:23-29

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

Today’s gospel is a perfect stewardship lesson. Jesus prays to God that the love with which God loved Jesus will be in his disciples so they can make that love known to others. Jesus’ love is in us, we are to share that love with others – the two elements of stewardship; it is God’s and we are to share!


Stewardship in our community

The world teaches that love is something returned – one loves someone who loves them back. But God’s love in Jesus is for everyone, even those who don’t know it, acknowledge it, or believe it. Unconditional, extravagant love for everyone!


Stewardship in practice

You have God’s unconditional and extravagant love in you because Jesus is in you (v26). Now, you need to not hoard that love, but share it with others so that Jesus’ love is in them too. This week, find someone who needs a bit of Jesus’ love; someone having a bad day, someone acting rude, someone speaking ill of others. Then love them unconditionally, just as Jesus loves you.

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