Stewardship Moment - Christ the King Sunday

Christ the King Sunday — John 18:33-37

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William

Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus says God’s kingdom is not from this world. In   other words – the way things are right now, is not the way things are done in God’s kingdom. Hate speak, racial bias, social class feuding, alienation of refugees, criticism of others – none of that is God’s kingdom come.

Stewardship in our community

God’s kingdom is a place where love is spoken, anti-racism is the norm, unifying      actions are predominant, countries are helped to provide a place from which refugees do not need to flee, and encouraging uplifting speech is free flowing.

Stewardship in practice

God invites you to be part of God’s kingdom; remove the evil of your doings, cease to do evil, learn to do good; seek justice, rescue the oppressed, defend the orphan, plead for the widow (Isaiah 1:16-17.) Accepting and living out that invitation is being a good steward.

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