Stewardship Moment - Name of Jesus



Name of Jesus – Luke 2:15-21

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William


Stewardship in the Gospel

And so it came to pass, that Jesus is born, he is named as instructed by the angel before his conception, and he is circumcised by devout Jewish parents. God continues God’s faithfulness to God’s people.


Stewardship in our community

Jesus’ name says it all - Lord saves. From what do we need to be saved? From our self-sufficiency, or self-focus, our self-aggrandizing, and our general selfish behavior. Jesus frees us from all that so we can focus on doing good for others in order to build them up and benefit the community at large.

Stewardship in practice

It is a new year, a time to resolve to be better people, not for our own benefit, but for the benefit of others. Maybe that’s why New Year’s Resolutions don’t work – they are too self-focused. Make one resolution this year; to act in ways that benefit the greater good. Jesus saves, through you.

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