Sunday October 17, 2021

21st Sunday after Pentecost—Mark 10:35-45

Stewardship Moment from Pastor William

Stewardship in the Gospel

Jesus’ disciples argue about which of them gets the seats of honor when he comes into his glory. But Jesus just told them he will come into his glory on the cross. The disciples don’t get the seats of honor; two thieves get it (Mark 15:27.)

Stewardship in our community

Generally, it is those we hold in high esteem that get the seats of honor at events, meetings, and festivities. Too often, the broken people are not even invited. It is a shame, that those whom Jesus came to reconcile (save) are often overlooked by us, the people called to be their servants.

Stewardship in practice

Identify a community person in need of lifting up, of being elevated to a place of honor. Pray for that person. Ask God how you can be a servant to that person. Search for some way you can put that person ahead of you. Try some simple things at first – stepping aside in the grocery store line, holding a door for them, returning their shopping cart for them, slipping them a note of Christian love which contains a gift card to that store, … Then, grow your stewardship from there.

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